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sab 29 mar



Goddess Women's Circle

A powerful women gathering to connect to ourselves and the divine feminine within

Goddess Women's Circle
Goddess Women's Circle

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29 mar 2025, 18:30 – 22:00

Greenwood, 31 Oronsay Rd, Greenwood WA 6024, Australia

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Are you seeking a space where you can feel truly heard as a woman? 

 Do you yearn for a place to engage with other women in a non-judgmental way?

 Are you craving a sacred bond with your femininity? 

Would you like to experience the enchantment of gathering in a ceremonial space with other women? 

Are you curious about exploring mystical ways to connect with yourself?

 If you answered yes to any of these questions, this could be the perfect space for you! 

A women's circle is a spiritual gathering where women unite in a supportive and safe environment. 

Within this circle, they honor their divine femininity, uplift one another, and create profound connections. 

These circles have existed for centuries in diverse cultures, and their essence remains timeless.

 By honoring the sacred circle, we reflect on ancient times when women congregated around the fire, embracing their tribal essence, embodying their wild, powerful selves. In their strength, ego fades, replaced by tenderness, open hearts, and a full expression of their vulnerability and joy.

 The mission of the Goddess Women's circle is to reestablish our connection with one another and our sacred essence, reviving ancient teachings that help us embrace our inherent power. Stepping into the realm of our feminine core means acknowledging our sacred essence and feeling linked to all women, honoring those women who preceded us and those currently in our lives. 

Through invoking and embodying various goddesses each month, we will tap into diverse energies that can help us overcome obstacles and awaken the dormant power within us.

Every month gathering is going to be held on a full moon or new moon, why?

Throughout history, the moon has been a source of inspiration, mystery, and spiritual significance for countless cultures and as cyclic being we are deeply influenced by the moon phases.


✨️Different topics each month with the aim of explore our inner realms and expand point of awarenes

✨️Goddesses invocation 

✨️Different guests that come and share their own gifts and magic (if you are one of them and would like to share your magic, contact me!)

✨️Exploration of meditations and healing tools like kinesiology, sound healing, tarot therapy and astrology







- bottle of water

- note book

- your beautiful self

- a cuscion 

✨️ About the facilitator✨️

✨️Valentina from Radikah ✨️

Is a functional kinesiologist, access bar practitioner ,wellness advocate doterra, therapeutic tarot reader, currently specializing in astrology, deeply devoted to the path of self-development and healing, searching deeply trough the layers of the self to get to the essence of who we truly are.

Her calling is to bring a new way, a new path where we embody love and communion and we share it with one and other.

Valentina is committed to the journey of reconnection to our ancient feminine power remembering our cyclical nature, honour it and knowing that is within our own body that we find limitless power.

As a healer she knows that the body is portal trough which we heal, we evolve and we initiate true transformational change.

Thank you for reading till here, now few more things...



Tickets are non-refundable, unless we have to cancel or postpone due to restrictions.

If this is the case, your ticket is fully refundable or transferable.

Cancellations: If you can no longer make it, your ticket is not refundable.

You can transfer your ticket to another person and let Valentina know of the name change.



Valentina also offers separates 1:1 consult sessions if you want to go deeper into your healing journey.

Valentina also offers 1:1 consult, kinesiology, access bars, akashic records readings, therapeutic tarot reading sessions and astrology 



I invite your full participation during the event, however there is flexibility and the option of participation.

You are not forced to do anything you do not want to do.



We may engage in practices that require some gentle movement – if you have any serious injuries now or in the last 5 years, or health issues that may interfere with your participation, please discuss this with Valentina.

You are responsible for your own health and wellbeing during this evening. Valentina or the studio will not be held liable for any injury or other medical, physical, mental or emotional issues that may arise, are sustained or aggravated during or after this event.

It is ESSENTIAL that you stay home if you are feeling unwell.

No refunds shall be given to “no-shows”. If you are not able to attend, you may arrange for another person to take your ticket – however this is your responsibility to organise.




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